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October 26, 2016 toll-icons-export 0


As part of Toll Helicopters’ move to provide training excellence to the aviation industry and set a new standard in quality and training, they developed and received Registered Training Organisation (RTO) status, enabling them to formalise its training under Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework.

Under the RTO, Toll Helicopters will initially offer Aviation Qualifications at The Aeromedical Crewing Excellence (ACE) Training Centre in Sydney, Australia which will be available to the NSW / ACT Aeromedical Contracted staff, as well as to external students domestically and internationally.

Courses available at ACE include AVI30216 Cert III in Aviation (Rescue Crewman), competencies for Aircrewman in performing cockpit duties and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) with Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS). The highly advanced HUET facility at the ACE Training Centre offers environmental simulation to equip participants with the skills required to survive a ditching or emergency situation.

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Future programs will comprise aviation and aeromedical and airborne law enforcement centric courses including AVI40116 Cert IV in Aviation (Air Crewman) training, NVG training, multi-crew coordination training and specialised medical courses in conjunction with NSW Ambulance.

These courses seeks to eliminate independent and variable decision-making, so that all practices on the aircraft are standardised and consistent with best practice and low-risk operating procedures.

Through the combination of theory-based coursework and highly realistic training in ACE’s in-house flight simulators, the focus will be undertaking right decisions and actions under all mission scenarios, consistent with standard operating procedures.

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